Thursday, October 29, 2009

LocaFollow by LocaFollow

As our last post said, today we are going to give you our vision of LocaFollow.

LocaFollow was born as an experiment at the equipo24 labs. The tool was done with the goal to find local twitter users at our city Cordoba. We got surprised because the tool was working very accurate and it was very useful for us, so we didn’t hesitate to make a nice design and share it with the community.

It is true that there are a couple of twitter directories out there that let make localized searches, but we didn’t knew them, and maybe you neither. Besides those directories require that you add your data yourself, so for sure we won’t appear there.

Also there are search engines like Twellow or TweepSearch, but they usually have the user data cached and outdated and miss some of LocaFollow features:

  • Showing all the Twitter user details in a compact view without need of “more info” buttons.
  • Showing the last tweet of the Twitter users
    To let follow a lot of people at the same time with a simple click of a button: bulk follow
  • Authentication via OAuth without the need to give us your passwords
    Automatic geolocalization suggesting twitters of your location or city

Twitter has its own users search engine, but it does not let you to search in the bio or location fields of Twitter profiles.

Our application uses the Google Search Engine to find Twitter users searching in the text close to the bio and location fields in their Twitter profiles. This let us find almost all the twitters and provide you a new perspective of the Twitter users ranking. If you want to appear on top of the LocaFollow results you not only have to worry about get a lot of followers. Google provide us the results sorted by the relevance of those Twitter profiles as the criteria for the organic positioning. Will be ranked higher those profiles with more back-links (most popular), with more dynamic content and with better keyword density for the searched terms.

Finally I want to let you note that our major potential isn’t to find twitter users at big cities like New York or Tokyo, which is very easy, those cities have thousands twitters. Our best is to let you find local twitter users at those small towns where you guess that don't exist twitters and LocaFollow discover for you a lot of them.

Happy Follow!


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