Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dangerous security hole in Twitter lets you modify user profiles with a tweet

@hernanmdq and @twittboy just accidentally discovered a set of undocumented Twitter commands (Spanish). These commands let you change some fields of your Twitter profile like URL, location and name. The shortcuts are common words, so this is a dangerous backdoor that could lets you accidentally modify your Twitter profile in case of twitting like happened to @hernanmdq and @twittboy when tried to tweet about this Hernan’s post. Note the words Crear URL in the post title.

The commands are specific for the language that you have setted up in Twitter.

The magic word for English is set:
set url locafollow.com
This changes your profile URL, it only works if you omit the http:// part
set name mynewname
This changes your profile full name
set location mynewlocation
This changes your profile location

The magic word for Spanish is crear, I guess there are similar commands for each of the supported languages in Twitter. If the command was correctly parsed the tweet won’t appear in your Twitter timeline.

Why is it so dangerous?
It works also using the API, so tweets from the 3rd party apps could modify your profile too.
For example I can make a new post with a title like “Set name e24apps.com”. All of you that innocently tweet it, and all the users that are currently subscribed to this blog feed using apps like twitterfeed will automatically change its profile names to e24apps.com, this would be great for our branding :-)

About LocaFollow.com
Find people on Twitter searching by location and bio fields. The best way to find Twitter users near your location and bulk follow them. LocaFollow is part of e24apps.com network

Monday, November 9, 2009

Create Twitter Lists with LocaFollow

We are happy to announce a new version of LocaFollow.com. After less than a month of our first release we are adding a lot of great features like:
  • Creating Twitter Lists using the LocaFollow search results
  • Export and sharing the LocaFollow results with TweepML.org
  • We added two new fields to search by:
    • Name that will lets you locate Twitter users by full name and username
    • Tweets: that will lets you search by keywords in the users last tweets
  • People tweeting near you: this feature show you the latest tweets near you in a ratio of 25km, and give you the ability to follow all of them.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get more followers appearing on top of LocaFollow results

We are happy for announcing our agreement with FeaturedUsers.com to insert sponsored Twitter profiles at the top of our search results.

If you want to appear highlighted on top of our results then just click here to and sign up or click on "Become a Sponsor at FeaturedUsers.com" at LocaFollow. Their fees are very fair, so don’t lose this opportunity to gain a lot of followers.

LocaFollow by LocaFollow

As our last post said, today we are going to give you our vision of LocaFollow.

LocaFollow was born as an experiment at the equipo24 labs. The tool was done with the goal to find local twitter users at our city Cordoba. We got surprised because the tool was working very accurate and it was very useful for us, so we didn’t hesitate to make a nice design and share it with the community.

It is true that there are a couple of twitter directories out there that let make localized searches, but we didn’t knew them, and maybe you neither. Besides those directories require that you add your data yourself, so for sure we won’t appear there.

Also there are search engines like Twellow or TweepSearch, but they usually have the user data cached and outdated and miss some of LocaFollow features:

  • Showing all the Twitter user details in a compact view without need of “more info” buttons.
  • Showing the last tweet of the Twitter users
    To let follow a lot of people at the same time with a simple click of a button: bulk follow
  • Authentication via OAuth without the need to give us your passwords
    Automatic geolocalization suggesting twitters of your location or city

Twitter has its own users search engine, but it does not let you to search in the bio or location fields of Twitter profiles.

Our application uses the Google Search Engine to find Twitter users searching in the text close to the bio and location fields in their Twitter profiles. This let us find almost all the twitters and provide you a new perspective of the Twitter users ranking. If you want to appear on top of the LocaFollow results you not only have to worry about get a lot of followers. Google provide us the results sorted by the relevance of those Twitter profiles as the criteria for the organic positioning. Will be ranked higher those profiles with more back-links (most popular), with more dynamic content and with better keyword density for the searched terms.

Finally I want to let you note that our major potential isn’t to find twitter users at big cities like New York or Tokyo, which is very easy, those cities have thousands twitters. Our best is to let you find local twitter users at those small towns where you guess that don't exist twitters and LocaFollow discover for you a lot of them.

Happy Follow!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Presenting the Official Blog of LocaFollow

After a week of the first beta release of Locafollow, we present our new blog today. This blog is joined to our Twitter account as the official communication channels where we are going to keep informing you about our new features, stats and rankings that we will be extracting from your interaction with LocaFollow.

After more than 50 reviews at blogs from almost every part of the word, now is our turn to talk about how Locafollow was born, what it is, and what is the roadmap.

During the last week we have got enough feedback to create a FAQs we hope it is of use to everybody