Monday, November 9, 2009

Create Twitter Lists with LocaFollow

We are happy to announce a new version of After less than a month of our first release we are adding a lot of great features like:
  • Creating Twitter Lists using the LocaFollow search results
  • Export and sharing the LocaFollow results with
  • We added two new fields to search by:
    • Name that will lets you locate Twitter users by full name and username
    • Tweets: that will lets you search by keywords in the users last tweets
  • People tweeting near you: this feature show you the latest tweets near you in a ratio of 25km, and give you the ability to follow all of them.


  1. That's great news!!
    In my blog I've created a new post for Spanish users see the new possibilities of locaFollow:

    El nuevo LocaFollow

    Muchas felicidades y adelante con más y nuevas actualizaciones!!
    Ya hemos probado los nuevos servicios y son tremendamente útiles. Hemos creado un tutorial sobre las nuevas funcionalidades para los usuarios en español:

    El nuevo LocaFollow


  2. Gracias por el chivatazo, lo he añadido a un post que recopila los mejores servicios para las listas de twitter.

    Aplicaciones y recursos para aprovechar al máximo las listas de Twitter


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